Clare Morgan



Clare Morgans printmaking practice has evolved from a love of drawing figuratively – life drawing and portraiture are a staple of her practice. She aims to celebrate the tenacity and vibrancy of the human spirit while reflecting on our vulnerability, shining a light on the illusion we have that we are in control.

Most recently the work brings together strong female figures and found decayed texture which are combined with colours that convey energy, growth, reflection and strength. The work reflects upon a very personal story, having been diagnosed with blood cancer in 2016 that ultimately led to a life-saving donor stem cell transplant Clare creates work that acts as a reminder of our humanity, encouraging us to find beauty and opportunity in our vulnerabilities. She is using her artwork as a way of exploring concepts of impermanence, imperfection and incompleteness and accepting them as a valuable part of our existence.


Winner of the Surface Gallery Award (2019)