Kathryn Bell

I graduated from the University of Sunderland with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art. My art practice involves printmaking and painting, with the two often overlapping and influencing each other.

I am greatly influenced by nature and the natural form. I make small paintings and sketches whilst outside, and then use these to inform my prints.

“Gibside Pinecones” started as small sketches made while my children played in the park.


I love all types of printmaking and enjoy working out which techniques would suit a particular drawing or design.

My passion for print and art has crossed into my working life.

I have worked with teenagers and young people for 15 years, working in participatory art in New Zealand and the UK in a supportive and demonstrative role.

I am currently a printmaking technician. I enjoy supporting students through different printmaking processes and seeing their interpretation through techniques I have shown them.

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Gibside Pinecones

Gibside Pinecones

by Kathryn Bell

Drypoint on Bread and Butter