Sandra Ritter



Sandra Ritter, born 1986 in Winterberg, Germany, studied at the Philipps-University in Marburg and graduated with a Master of Arts in art history and fine arts in 2013. Besides her studies, she has been working as a student assistant for printmaking (etching, silk-screen printing and relief-printing) at the Institute of fine arts in Marburg and later on as a scientific assistance. She was overseeing the printmaking workshops and got a lectureship for etching techniques.

Sandra works mainly on personal or travel-inspired topics. She works primarily in print/graphic media such as etchings and linocut but is also committed to painting and photography. Her works are mainly black and white inspired by traditional printing and the early stages of photography. The Linocuts of current series are mostly reduced to a strong black and white contrast or consist only of lines which form the subject. Based on this, the works focus on just a few elements of the original scenery, so that the observer has to look more closely and has to add the missing parts himself. “Street Crossings”, for example, is part of an ongoing series named “Thru Thailand”. It shows a secluded group of people crossing an empty street. In reality, the image is a stand-alone section of a major intersection lined with skyscrapers within Bangkok.

Sandra lives and works in Lincoln.

Thru Thailand - Street Crossing